What We Do

Innovo Physical Therapy, LLC, owned by Danielle Ivens, MSPT, provides personalized care for injury recovery, post-surgical rehab, and balance and gait deficits to promote wellness. Treatment is provided in the privacy of your residence or at your place of work. Innovo's self-pay one-on-one treatment model allows the therapist to dedicate a full 60 or 45 minutes to your treatment. The therapist can then better personalize your program and work with you on achieving your goals. Innovo Physical Therapy is designed for those that desire a more flexible schedule, prefer the convenience of the therapist coming to you, have high copays or deductibles, or have maximized their physical therapy benefits but wish to continue therapy.  Whether you are an older adult with recent decline in balance, an athlete, a stay at home parent or a busy professional who wishes to receive focused, individualized attention, Innovo Physical Therapy can work with you. Innovo Physical Therapy is care that comes to you. 

What to Expect

During the first visit, Danielle will review your medical history and complete a thorough evaluation. She will discuss the assessment with you and tailor your treatment based upon those findings. The first visit will conclude with a short treatment which may include manual treatment (hands-on techniques) and instruction in a home exercise program to complete prior to the next session. The home exercises will be given to you via email or text with the option of printing them as well. The evaluation is typically 75 minutes and subsequent treatments are either 60 or 45 minutes in length.