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Why should I consider concierge physical therapy over traditional insurance-based therapy?

March 7, 2017

Why should I consider concierge physical therapy over traditional (insurance-based) outpatient physical therapy?

Won't it be more expensive for me to have a private pay physical therapist come to my home?

These are questions that have been asked of me so I thought it would be helpful to provide some information and to explain the benefits of concierge physical therapy as it is a new concept for many.

Below is a comparison that makes the cost benefit more clear:




Cost per visit: $110                              

Total visits: 4                                        

Total cost: $440                                    

1-on-1 time spent with PT: 60 min      

Cost per minute: $1.83    



Co-pay per visit: $40

Total visits: 12

Total Cost: $480

1-on-1 time: 15 min (per 30 min)

Cost per minute: $2.67

Once you add in time spent away from work or school and travel time to and from physical therapy, the cost benefit becomes even greater.

When you begin to compare the cost of going to a traditional outpatient clinic vs. having a private pay concierge physical therapist come to you, consider this: if you attend traditional outpatient PT, you are typically seen 2-3x per week for “x” number of weeks. Patients receiving private pay physical therapy are typically seen 1-2x per week. So, a patient that is receiving private home physical therapy may actually only need 4-6 visits as opposed to the typical 12 or more visits at an insurance-based outpatient clinic.

When working with a concierge physical therapist, you will be provided with high quality, skilled and customized care, lengthy one-on-one visits and a great patient experience. The therapist has the time to provide you with manual therapy and a progressive home exercise program that meets your needs. You will find a level of compassion and exceptional care because the therapist is truly invested in you and helping to achieve your goals. You will have access to the therapist via text, phone calls and email with quick response times. Private physical therapists see the value in treating a patient one-on-one. A private pay physical therapist has the time to work with you that is not available to a traditional outpatient therapist.

Please feel free to contact me via the contact page on this website if you have any questions.

Danielle Ivens, MSPT 

FAQ (and answers too)

Q- Do I need a prescription from my doctor for physical therapy with you?

A- The quick answer is no. Connecticut allows direct access to physical therapy. This means that you can receive PT services without a prescription. However, you will be referred to the appropriate licensed practitioner if you do not show improvement (objective, measurable and/or functional) in 6 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first.

Q- Can you just come once and evaluate me and let me know what I should be doing?

A- Of course! Not everyone requires weekly visits. Many clients are seen once and not seen again because it is either not required or recommended.

Q- Can I text or email you if I have questions between sessions?

A- Absolutely. The concierge physical therapy model allows for this. Phone calls are ok too!

Q- Do you give me exercises to do and how will I remember what you've shown me?

A- Exercises (for lack of a better word) are prescribed and progressed as needed. Innovo uses an online program that sends your specific exercise to you via email or text. You have the option of printing it or just using your smartphone or computer to view it.

Q- Do you bring equipment with you or do I need to have things here for you?

A- All equipment is brought to you, including an exercise mat, massage table (used to do exercises and manual therapy), Thera-band, weights, balance equipment, exercise ball etc. If you happen to have your own equipment as well, I happy to incorporate if it appropriate.

Q- Can you let my doctor know how I'm doing?

A- Yes, Innovo will send a progress note to your doctor as needed or requested.

Q- What types of diagnoses do you treat?

A- Working as a PT for 17 years in a variety of settings including outpatient orthopedics, home care and rehab has provided me with experience in geriatrics, orthopedics, cardiopulmonary, neuro, pre and post surgical among many others.

Q- Is all of my information kept private?

A- Yes. HIPPA requires all medical information to be kept private. Your information is only shared with the individuals you specify on your intake form.